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  dream research shows sex differences in dream aggression that fit very well with the findings for waking-life. (2005) influence of gender and age in aggressive dream content of spanish children and adolescents. Dream diaries included checklists with eliciting only dream recall and diaries with explicit recording of dream content. But are in line with the insignificant age gender interaction (analysis depicted in schredl and piel, 2005.). Despite the large number of studies addressing gender differences in dream recall and dream content, research regarding whether these differences might be affected by sex role orientation is rather scarce. The present online-survey included a large sample of most recent dreams. Other areas of investigations with women have explored dreams in relation to sex role. Sex dreams are a normal part of life, and generally nothing to worry about. Sometimes people dream about sex with an ex, acquaintance, or stranger, which could mean nothing, or may require that. The dreams of college men and women in 19comparison of dream contents and sex differences. A 2 6 anova with sex and age (1019, 2029, 3039, 4049, 5059, 6079) as independent variables and drf as dependent variable revealed a significant sex main effect (f 1,28876 41. 0000001) females recalled more dreams per month than did males (table (table1). This study asked the question, are there significant content differences between male and female dream reports obtained in dream seminars conducted in brazil? Each of the 240 (137 female, 103 male) research participants volunteered recent dream reports (one per person) during dream seminars that he or she attended between 19. Keywords dream content, dream content analysis, gender, children, adolescents gender differences in dream content womens dreams have been found to differ from those of men in a number of areas. One of the earliest and most frequently replicated ndings is that male characters predominate in mens dreams (67), whereas male and female.   interestingly, the observed gender differences in dream content and dream recall frequency (with girls reporting more dreams than boys, strauch, 2005) seem to be relatively stable across the various studies.

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